The Detox electrolysis foot bath is an electro-physical process and works for the detox, de-acidification and purification of the body. Actions which allow the evacuation of pollutants are becoming increasingly important in health care and in the treatment of diseases.
During the application, you sit comfortably and relaxed in a chair and bathe your feet in the tub. By adding a special saline solution into the bath water, an electrolysis is started via the coil. Approx. 2,000 pores per foot have a membrane function, allowing an ion exchange with the body. Already during the application, deposits and toxins in the body lose part of their harmful effects, before being excreted via the soles of the feet in the water.
The elimination of toxins in the body also contributes to alleviate allergy symptoms, as very often these are caused by toxins. The immune system is enhanced and feels balanced. The body can regenerate itself again. To compensate for a mineral loss through elimination processes, we recommend you recycle alkaline minerals. You should drink at least ½ litre of water during treatment. Generally, the Detox electrolysis Foot bath is perceived as very stimulating and beneficial.

Treatment: While you relax your feet in the electrolysis bath, enjoy a detox tea, then a pedicure which ends with a brief foot massage.

Areas of application:
Deacidification, cleansing & detoxification
for all chronic diseases (e.g., migraine)
Lack of energy, fatigue, sleep problems
Burn-out syndrome, depression
weakened immune system
Allergies and skin diseases
Menstrual discomfort