SGentle and thorough cleaning, so that the facial care ingredients applied subsequently can work at best on your skin. The use of cleaning products and tonic is essential for a thorough cleaning of your skin. For your personal cleansing ritual in the morning and in the evening you can apply: In the first step, the cleansing clears the impurities from the skin on your face, subsequently the tonic prepares it at best for the subsequent face care.

THE CLEANING frees the facial skin of the impurities, excess sebum and dead skin cells.

THE TONIC completes the cleaning and represents the first step of the care, already: Depending on your preference, you can decide between a mattifying or a moisturizing tonic. As a result, the skin is perfectly prepared for the subsequent care. In addition, the tonic can help to protect your skin from drying out, which can happen quickly with hard tap water.


In the morning, the cleaning is especially important, as the skin regenerates itself overnight. With cleaning and tonic, the skin is perfectly cleaned and refreshed. The metabolites excreted during the night by the skin and dead skin cells are removed. The skin is optimally prepared for the care.

In the evening, the cleaning product removes not just the makeup, but also excess sebum and dirt particles which are deposited during the day on the skin. Therefore, the ritual of cleaning and tonic is an absolute must, also if you don’t wear makeup.

Your personal cleaning ritual depends on your skin needs and circumstances. Also, it’s down to personal preference as regards textures: You can choose between cleaning gel, milk, cream, or oil.

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