Acne therapy by Dr. Charlotte Grillitsch at 1170 Vienna includes the following treatments: steaming, enzyme peel, final cleansing, high frequency therapy, mask and a day care.

Acne is an inflammatory disease of the sebaceous follicle. It appears in the form of comedones ("blackheads") as well as inflammatory papules and pustules.

The treatment is always individual and depends on the severity and location of the acne. An appropriate combination of therapies complementing each other is particularly important in this case. The primary goal should be to treat the acne as early as possible, in time to prevent the formation of scars.

The longer you wait for an appropriate treatment, the more scarring is likely to happen. Do you suffer from acne? Book an appointment now for your treatment. Please use the online calendar to book a date. Dr. Charlotte Grillitsch’s website - Skin, Veins and Beauty treatments -, offers several possibilities to book an appointment. Alternatively, you can also contact us by phone.

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You can find Dr. Charlotte Grillitsch’s practice at no.2, Neuwaldegger str., 1170 Vienna.

Treatment Acne From (in EUR)
Acne 74,-

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