Yoga at Villa Demel

We are very pleased that Tina Süss will hold her great yoga classes in our villa. Yoga strengthens your health and makes your skin glow again. Did you know that yoga relieves cravings, prevents migraine and promotes your sleep? Come to one of the free taster classes and convince yourself. ..Continue Reading


We are looking for Masseur/in to start as soon as possible. Initially for a few hours, with the option to increase. Requirements: Completed masseur training. Business license. In addition to their main massaging tasks, duties also include the operation of radio frequency and ultrasonic devices used for the lifting of ..Continue Reading

Masque Modelant

Based on energy, precision and harmony, this immediately rejuvenating treatment has become the icon of the Cosmetics Institute. It is the ultimate expression of the revolutionary and ultra-personalised Maria Galland Paris method. A special composition of manual movements is combined with the remodel features of our exclusive self-warming mask. Maria ..Continue Reading

Detox foot care

The Detox electrolysis foot bath is an electro-physical process and works for the detox, de-acidification and purification of the body. Actions which allow the evacuation of pollutants are becoming increasingly important in health care and in the treatment of diseases. During the application, you sit comfortably and relaxed in a ..Continue Reading

Body wrap

The body wrap is the most reliable body treatment to fight problem areas and to reduce body size for both men and women. The skin is pleasantly supplied with blood and any dimples are evened out more and more. With this method, you not only reach a reduction in scope ..Continue Reading

Valentine’s day offer!

SOIN MILLE Luxurious face mask with exceptional, fully effective anti-ageing active substances. The MILLE TOP C complex, the star active ingredient of Ligne MILLE, ensures an immediate anti-wrinkle effect when combined with Pearl. The skin undergoes an intensive regeneration and feels comfortably smooth.

The Art of Cleansing

  SGentle and thorough cleaning, so that the facial care ingredients applied subsequently can work at best on your skin. The use of cleaning products and tonic is essential for a thorough cleaning of your skin. For your personal cleansing ritual in the morning and in the evening you can ..Continue Reading

Do your body some good

Everyone knows this therapy and has already enjoyed it! Classic massage is a manual treatment technique. As an accompanying, beneficial measure massages, mood swings and other diseases of the nervous system are taken into consideration. Massages can also serve for relaxation in psychosomatic diseases and be used in complementary pain ..Continue Reading