Eyelash extensions 1170 Vienna: We offer the following types of extension: Natural, Extreme, Dramatic or just a Fresh up.

An eyelash extension takes only 1 to 2 hours in the expert hands of our team. The eyelashes are carefully glued on your own eyelashes. Length and the effect of the eyelashes may vary, depending on your taste and on the condition of your own eyelashes. We make sure that the result corresponds to your wishes and appears natural. The eyelash extension is usually completely painless.

Natural: This form of Eyelash extensions, approx. 80 silk lashes are set to the natural lashes.

Extreme: The eyelash extensions, using around 120 eyelashes, gives you an extraordinary look.

Dramatic: Through the use of approximately 150 eyelashes, you get very expressive and glamorous eyes.

Fresh-Up: To maintain the results of the treatment in the long term, a fresh-up should be performed after about 3 weeks; 30 additional eyelashes are used here.

Treatment Eyelash Extensions FROM (in Euro)
Natural 75,-
Extreme 134,-
Dramatic 174,-
Fresh-Up 49,-

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